You have three options when you decide on a tattoo design: either you find one you like, draw one, or you work with your tattoo artist to create one. You might choose a sketch or pencil outline image, or a full-color one. You have to make an important decision.

Are you looking for a traditional black and gray tattoo or one filled with bold and bright colors?

Although it may seem like an easy question, it is actually quite complex. One thing is for certain, there are no superior tattoos – black-line and color-filled tattoos can both look great. You don’t need to worry about the fact that all colors hurt the same.

Even if you choose the one that you like best, there are still other things to consider. For example, whether the colors match your skin or if they will cause you problems in the future. When it comes to tattoo design and flow, colors can have huge implications.

Complex Skin Care

Most people think of skin color in terms of the color it is. When it comes to choosing the best colors for tattoos, however, you need to consider more than just your skin color. In particular, your skin’s undertone is important.

What is your skin’s undertone? It’s the color that gives your skin its complexion. It all comes down to the amount of melanin in your skin. A cooler complexion will result from a lower concentration of melanin, while a higher level will make you appear more radiant.

Your Skin Tone Still Matters

While undertones are an important factor in choosing the right tattoo colors, they are often overlooked.

These are the pigments that go well with your skin’s color.

  • Red, white, or purple are all good options for light skin
  • Blue, green, and orange for tan skin colors
  • Black, deep blue, deep red, and other dark colors for dark skin

It’s a good idea to speak with a professional tattoo artist if you have skin conditions like vitiligo. With a little planning, a good artist should be capable of working around unusual cases.

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By Manali